For the ones who know me quite well, this was a long overdue post. Mahebourg is my home town and my birthplace too. Through this testimonial, I hope will add more visibility and exposure to my beloved village.

Little fisherman village in the south-east coast of Mauritius, Mahébourg has been for a long time known to have harboured the Dutch and the French settlers when they first arrived in Mauritius. Its name itself was a tribute to Mahé de Labourdonnais; a well known French Governor.

Mahébourg is a bustling little village especially on Mondays when you can discover a weekly fair. However, once you get impregnated with its unique lifestyle, you will enjoy the slow-life of this place. What I appreciate about my village is the proximity that we have between the natives, a prominent community where practically everybody knows each other.

Coming from the international airport, you will first come across Beau Vallon, an outskirt of Mahébourg. A kilometre after, to your left, you will discover the Naval Museum of Mauritius, a restored castle built around 1772 which features the vestiges of the glorious battle of Grand Port. Did you know that it was the only naval battle won by Napoleon over the brits?

At the far end of Mahébourg, resides another suburb called Ville Noire which is linked to the main area by the majestic Cavendish Bridge, one of the longest bridge in Mauritius. I will suggest that you pay a visit to the ‘Biscuiterie Rault‘ which produces a unique local delicacy made from Cassava. The recipe came from the famous ‘Galette Bretonne‘.

Pointe des Régates is well known for featuring the famous Mahébourg waterfront, a beautiful esplanade which faces the bay of Grand Port. Since I was a kid, I have always enjoyed this place, theatre to some exciting Sunday regattas, music concerts and festivals, trade fairs and most of all, a wonderful getaway for the locals, especially in summer.

You cannot miss the small island called ‘Mouchoir Rouge‘ which stands just in front of the esplanade!

If you head towards Blue Bay, you will surely come across Remy Ollier, another beautiful landmark of this area, known for being the sanctuary of the legendary ‘Pirogues‘, the typical fisherman’s boat of Mauritius. Looking at the horizon, you will discover three beautiful islands: Ile de la Passe, Ilot Vacoas and Ile aux Fouquets.

While heading towards Blue Bay, discover Cité La Chaux which offers some unique sceneries of the south-eastern coastal lines and stunning views of the bay of Grand Port. The ride through this locality is unique as it borders a natural wetland.

Pointe D’esny resides one of the most breathtaking beaches of this side of the island, perhaps one of the best-kept secret. Just before the beach, you will find an embarkation point in front of the legendary Ile aux Aigrettes, a spectacular natural reserve for endemic fauna and flora of Mauritius.

Blue Bay is one of the most popular beaches of the island and is the prime spot to watch all the planes leaving Mauritius since the airport tarmac ends just before the bay. Do not miss the glass bottom boat and snorkelling trip in the natural marine park next to the breathtaking Ile Des Deux Cocos.

I hope that you have enjoyed the bits and pieces narrated to you on my home town. Please do not hesitate to like, comment and share.

Thank you!