Bel Ombre

The southern star!

A bit more than two years ago, I started working in that little village situated in the south of Mauritius. What sounds a bit weird to me at first, would soon become after, the playground for a fantastic journey of improvement and understanding. First of all the climate and the sudden change of weather can be somehow very disturbing. Be ready however to encounter some very windy winter days, ideal for kite surfing.

This village is an absolute beauty and has the whole feel of an old sugar cane estate. While entering the community, you will see majestic palm trees aligned on both sides of the road and sugar cane plantations in the private grounds. With the agricultural diversification, this area now showcases hotels, golf courses and nature reserves.

The villagers are very friendly and their art of living has remained the old-fashion slow Mauritian life! There are some few shops and small restaurants here and there but do not expect to find big shopping centres or malls. Should you be staying in one of the five hotels in that region, grab a bike and cycle towards the mythical Macondé viewpoint.

At dusk, be ready to take a stroll on the beach. You will see the most romantic and dramatic sunset ever.